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Weekly Roundup: Nov 16 - 19

Articles | 2017-11-21 -Lars

Welcome back to the weekly wind down of what’s been whipped up last week on Bingo Bar Crawl. If you’re unfamiliar with this crazy crawl through the heart of Budapest’s party district, you may be a bit confused. Is it game? Is it a bar crawl? Do the staff members wear sexy pink shirts? The answer is yes. To all three (I know you’re jealous of the shirts). We turn a bar crawl into a drinking game, where the more challenges you do, the more prizes you win. The added bonus: if you don’t want to do the challenges, you’re still guaranteed to make friends and get drunk.

And drunkenness there was aplenty this week. Challenges, 11, 16, 23, and 97 all require a shot to be taken. Whether it’s the bar’s strongest nectar or a shot of Unicum, there are various tasteful choices to send down your throat, and crawlers handled it like champions! Big mention to our little English lass who put away a shot of absinthe, 72% Tatratea and Palinka one after the other, 30 minutes after the power hour of unlimited drinks ended. With no vomit, and only a slight flinch. On the other hand, we had our mate Tom, who took a shot of absinthe, went off to vomit, forgot that he had completed the challenge, and so bought another shot and downed it! Proper commitment that.

Thinking back, drunken forgetfulness has been a key occurrence in this week’s showcase. We’ve had multiple people misplace their game card. In one such case, a lad sat on a table, flipping it and throwing himself and drinks everywhere. His mate, in true form, gave him a good teasing about it – only to sit down on a table afterwards and repeat the act with near perfect imitation. One guest did the nice thing and remembered to return a shot glass to a bar - the only problem was he returned it the totally wrong bar two hours later. And now for the runner up of the week: a staff challenge, which entailed bringing back a shoe, a jacket and a top from three different people. This really confused one poor guest who returned a minute later with a jacket and two guys, happily stating “They’re both from America.” Apparently she had forgotten the challenge straight away and improvised.

However, the winner of the week goes to our guest who, in good sporting fashion, ate his whole bingo card, (as opposed to just a bite), as his final challenge. He won the free All-You-Can-Drink Boat Party, which is the prize for any legends who finish. But the look of horror on his face when he ran around helplessly looking for his lost bingo card, nearly in tears, as he wanted to finish his final challenges but had ‘lost his card,’ was the true highlight of the night.

Other honorable mentions this week include the beautifully done impression of David Attenborough narrating the ‘mating ritual’ of a poor staff member merely going about their work.  One British boy drunkenly misread the tequila suicide challenge as a tequila sunrise challenge – those are two very, VERY different things. His punishment for finishing the tequila sunrise, due to said misreading, was a fair sentencing to suffer a tequila suicide. And finally, to our winners this week of t-shirts, shots and free parties: well done troops.

Because in the eternal words of many partiers –

“When life hands you lemons, bust out the salt and tequila!”.

And it's fully up to you whether you take it normally, or if you snort the salt and moisten your eyes with lemons. The key factors are that you have a good night with us and your fellow bingo players, remember as much as you can, and party the night away.

Love you all! And have a drink for us.


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