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How to Have an Amazing Time on a Pub Crawl

Articles | 2018-01-15 -Andrew

For anyone on a backpacking adventure, the pub crawl is a sacred right of passage that never seems to get old no matter how many you go on. They are familiar things -  you and a bunch of strangers thrust together for one night of debauched fun. While they always tend to start the same way - endless beers and free shots - how they end is rarely remembered or even best forgotten.

Our Bingo Bar Crawl is a bit special - we set fun drinking challenges to foster teamwork and creativity and to help you feel a sense of achievement at the end of the evening. Nah, kidding, it’s all just a bit of banter really.

Here’s how to survive an evening with us:

Pace yourself

Yeh, yeh - we talk a big game about drinking, but there is an art to it. There is always one idiot on his way out before we’ve even left the first bar, and that guy never features in any of the cool stories about the night - and that’s just lame.

Our nights start with power hour - all you can drink beer, wine and sangria - so may we suggest a hearty meal involving something greasy before you come out with us. And as the night progresses, don’t forget, beer and wine is fine, but wine and beer, be in fear - or something like that, we can never really remember!

Get involved

Do the bloody challenges! It may sound a little daunting at the start, but we promise they aren’t crap at all - in fact, they are expertly designed to combine just the right amount of not taking oneself too seriously and ‘we can do this lads’ comradery with just a smattering of ‘you look like a bit of an idiot right now’.

Make friends with everyone

Every crawl has that one person - the one that’s friends with everyone and seems to move effortlessly between groups, inducing laughter and hearty back slaps wherever they go. Luckily booze and the fact that no one here knows about your embarrassing school years means that person can, if you want, be you.

If it helps, make up a stupid backstory for everyone you meet, upping the ante each time until someone calls you out on your bullshit and makes you neck a pint.

Go hard but don’t go home

Group mentality prevails on a pub crawl, but there always needs to be a leader, someone who keeps everyone focussed on having fun all night long. If that’s you then you’re in for a wild ride.

The pub crawl leads to a club, and for the most committed among you, seeing sunrise should be considered the ultimate achievement and the chance to wander the streets a little drunk while everyone gets ready for work. Just try not to fall asleep during brunch!


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