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Best Pre-Party Eats in Budapest

Articles | 2018-04-27 -Andrew

The humble langosh

If you're a fan of something quick and greasy, then the langosh is to Hungarians, what the kebab is to everyone else.

This certainly isn't winning any health food awards, but if deep-fried dough, covered in garlic sauce, sour cream and grated cheese sounds like the best damn thing ever - then keep an eye out around the city for the hole-in-the-wall places that serve it - some open 24/7.

Beefy burgers

You might also be excited to hear that Budapest is going through its craft burger phase, with new places popping up all over offering the juiciest beef and chicken burgers topped and served with a wonderful array of other arty and tasty thing.

Just the other day, in fact, we saw an aged, coffee grain encrusted, Japanese beef burger, served with fries and sweet banana ketchup. That was at Tuning Burger, and other places worth checking out include Zing, Attaboy, Black Cab Burger and GoodBar GoodBurger.

All you can eat

For the self-professed gluttons amongst you, we're pleased to announce a chain of restaurants that are offering probably exactly what you're looking for - unlimited food AND unlimited alcohol. No cocktails or fancy top-shelf stuff I'm afraid, but you'll get your fill of beer, wine and, crucially, champagne!

And that's not to mention the food - meat, pasta, cheeses, sushi, stone-cooked pizza, seafood, salads and soups - and 3 hours to eat as much of all that as you can fit in around the alcohol.

Google "Trofea" and head to the nearest one to you. You won't regret it.

Some local food

You're probably thinking, rightly so, that because you're in Hungary, that you'd better enjoy some Hungarian food. It's rich, hearty, a little spicey and packed with meat and cream - the stuff that some people dreams are made of - and you're in luck, we know a great place for you to try it.

Frici Papa, located on Kiraly Street in the heart of the Jewish Quarter is busy and bustling Monday to Saturday from lunchtime to late. It serves no-frills local classics, like goulash soup and chicken paprikash with Hungarian dumplings.

Street food

No guide would be complete without a nod to Budapest's burgeoning street food scene. From the humble burger van, this city's scene has evolved, and you can now find everything from good Mexican to fried cheese served from vans dotted all over the city's hottest neighborhoods.

If you're heading to Szimpa, consider making some time to stop at Karavan on the way. Opened a few years back, it's a courtyard that's become a summer home to a rotating cast of about a dozen food trucks, with a bar and places to sit, eat and enjoy.

Still hungry? Check out the Best Bar Food in Budapest to line your stomach for a night of partying.


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